JC’S Salvage

  • Chapter 1 Salvaged and repaired, John Housler
  • Chapter 2 Sheds for the poor
  • Chapter 3 George Remembers
  • Chapter 4 What’s in a gift?
  • Chapter 5 The reconstruction of Chad Taylor
  • Chapter 6 Fruit Cake folly
  • Chapter 7 A sound lesson

1 January 2018

Dear reader

I am not sure this is the end of this story but read if you will.

I find pleasure in not only putting down my thoughts but finding I have given someone a minute or so of fun, reading, while considering the less fortunate. If that is the case, you have thanked me.

My hope is you will pass this along, make copies if you wish and if there is something I could do more, let me know.  I always hope for criticism. That tells me, at least someone read it.

Thank you for your time,

God’s Blessings,

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