A cloud

Passing moving never still

A sight to some a dream to fill

And what if any explanation

Seeming lost no distention

Shapes and pictures, constant change

Childish narrations to rearrange.

A fiery dragon or butterfly

A scary thought to make me cry

And once I chanced to ride the air

To ride the wind without a care

And on my way, passed through this cloud

Yet times I wonder and dream out loud

Was it really there? Where would it go?

Is it still awake did it turn to snow?

Has it traveled on, where has it been?

Will it carry storms and pain within?

Have we shared a vista have we shared a kite

Will it stay around in the darkest night?

Did I feel it’s breath on my decent?

Taking in its silence without consent?

Or did it pass through me, instead

To paint more dreams within my head.

Did it take from me and I from it?

Did it change my thoughts old ideas to quit?

So here I am down on the ground

Is it far away or still around?

Is it busy on some other plain?

Shade relieving, someone’s pain?

And I know one day from the lowly grass

Ill announce to the overhead billowing mass

I’m here right now and will be still

I knew you once and I always will.

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