Sausage by the square with pork-a-ritas.

Up in the morning, pretty early. wash some dishes which have accumulated over the last week,,,,,,,,,  or two. Save time, water and all forms of energy by waiting and not washing right after use.  Not only that, by the time I get to them the cats have pretty well cleaned them. A sort of a prewash.

Today I am going to get a lot done. I have broken things by the score to be repaired of pitched, cleaning and painting work, Phone calls to make ,,,,should have done several days ago, paper work (which bill to pay) try to understand my weekly mail, insurable, political, taxable, medical, tyrannical, unintelligible mail. I wear google out, asking for explanations.

I remember when the utility bill came on a post card. My dad would carry it down to the drug store and pay out of a change purse. Now one gets an eight-page summery with a costly listing of things, no one has ever heard of. Instead of cash they smugly ask for your bank account number.  But we have light bulbs which hardly use any energy and will last for 35 years,,,,,, ,and so are cheap, unless you happen to break one or seventeen. I am supposed to throw out my refrigerator and buy a new one just to save energy.  It takes me six months of energy just cleaning it much less moving it. Doing nothing seems a lot more efficient to me. As long as it cools the kitchen on hot days, it’s staying.

Thursday 9:15 Mass at the local church. After that, time to get busy with my chore list ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, there is this other thing which has been bothering me. I have never made breakfast sausage!!

A bit of a detour and off to the meat store to buy a “pork But”. That doesn’t sound very nice to me. Why not pork back end, part beyond the center, derriere, breech, fanny? But, but doesn’t sound right. I didn’t like it much when they called me “Rear-end” in school!

People talk about delicious tenderloin, marvelous ribs, mouthwatering hams. You just can’t say that in the same sentence with BUT.

This is going to be easy and instructions say only four hours for two pounds. What are they doing? Apparently haven’t heard of my skills. I up the ante buying ten pounds and intend to do the job in two hours.

At home I have my mother’s super-efficient meat grinder, capable of grinding up large portions of meat and so I was told, small children if I were to get too close. For some reason, mother stopped using it in 1958. It may have had to do with the invention of super markets as opposed to butcher shops.

I may have to treat myself with a small taste of the grain just for a starter. 

If I had my cordless driver, I could have used the hole saw to cut out pretty round burger like chunks.

Starting in, using my quality butcher knives and superior butchery skills, I carve off a small piece of my prize. Even with my awesome sharpening skills, this is going to be a little rough.  This is going to require getting out the more intimating tools. After a quick discussion with Mr. Jameson, Cleaver in hand I chase this greasy monster around the kitchen counter. Occasionally hitting it and on more occasions hitting the counter. That got the cat’s attention. If I hadn’t loaned out my cordless driver, I could have screwed it to the table. The pork but that is.

Did you know this wonderful cut of meat, the bu-tay has a bone? Yes, the size of Giannis Antetokounmpo’s hand and when you finally get it out, it looks like a toy flying saucer. Wonder if I could paint it for a Christmas present.

Now it is time for grinding. A wee touch.  After my previous dusting, boiling, steaming, using a pint of rust remover, my bright and shiny, Alexanderwerk #8 hand grinder is waiting and ready to go. I clamp this beauty to the table and can’t wait to get started. Just a pinch of the nectar before starting.

In goes the meat, I turn the handle, out comes the ,,,,,,,,, WOOOOAAAAAA! This turns a little hard.

Now I know why my mother could swat us so hard from the front seat of the car while adjusting her bobby pins and reading the obituary to my dad.

This is going to be even more interesting than I figured. This needs a serious pull from ol Jamie.

 If I just had my cordless drill and I attached it to the handle thing-a-ma-bob,,, no, I would have just turned myself around. Well back at it.  I feel like I am turning the giant wheel that makes a river boat move up the river,,,, against the current.

“ol’ man pig but, that ol’ man pig but, he don’t say nuttin but he must know sumptin, cuz he jus keeps breakin my arm, he don’t plant tators and my sasuage is gona be rotten, an the rest of my day is soon forgotten” .

I’m exhausted and I only have ground enough for a smoky link,,,,,,  without the skin,,,,  or the smoke.

Thanks to the preservative I regained some strength even though eye sight got worse.

I pushed on and by some miracle came to the end of my ten pounds of that miserable lousy pork piece and had a small celebration ,,,,,,,,, or two,,,,,,, or

Da next part of dis operation pheeeeeeeeeeeeeew I am so tired. Dhe text pert a desperation is spiceseses. Throw in stuff and mash it all round till it gets mashed all round an da wittle spices go round an round an da music goes roun an roun.

Time for a spit down.!

Hour and ten-minute nap and I am ready as a rabbit.

Now for the spices,,,,,,,,, Oh, did that.    Flattened all the ground meat out on sheet pans and put it in the freezer. Let it chill and get stiff, while I’m getting a little stiff, making it easier to cut in small squares.

I mark it when it starts to get firm or stiff from freezing. Mark it deep so when I take it out completely frozen, it will break apart in even squares, as I have marked it or at least dats da plan.

Believe it’s gona be ness-sis-sis-ary to extend dat nap.  Good night!!


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