For Roger

Good friend

We boarded number 43

Headed in different directions

You went off to fresh plowed earth

  to learn from the tractor seat

Myself to brick and glass

and the school of the city street.

one looking right and the other left.

Never seeing the others side,

Our own ideas for us to heft.

The only truth was that we spied.

This train we rode its knowledge shared

Past tallest buildings and corn ripe fields.

One day we met our lives so set,

Our photos we compared.

What worth or waste it’s yields.

Thus came the day

 with the conductors ok,

we happened to share a coach.

While one looked left and the other right,

Cautious as we approach.

We talked of wood from seed, to limb and leaf,

and the pleasure of the finished wood.

On we went shareing of our belief

In a God who understood

Comfort and knowledge abounding.

And so dear friend, this is your stop.

From here you go by air.